• Management advice

Management tracking : implementation of dashboard
Projected profit and loss accounts
Budgetary control
Constitution of the dossiers about grants and various exemptions. Establishment of accounting and administrative procedures.

  • Financial management advice

Analysis of costs, margins, profitability.
Calculation of costs and margins.
Calculation of breakeven.
Calculation and analysis of management ratios.
Development of financial ratios.
Analysis and management of working capital.
Establishment of investment projects : cost, profitability, financing.
Establishment of liquid plans.
Financing advice : credit, leasing, factoring.
Assistance in your dealings with banks.

  • Rating

Independent valuations.
Regulations (in case of delisting).
Optional (debt issuance).

  • Arbitration between judicial valuation and conventional valuation.

Party expert (evaluation of injury, …).

  • Legal services (ancillary to the primary mission)

Legal secretary.
Advice about the selection of statutes.
Assistance on disposal of securities.
Help for the formation of company.

  • Property management

Protection measure of the assets of the company.
Welfare of the entrepreneur.