We are your natural adviser for the resumption of a company, our multidisciplinarity allowing us to be present in all the phases of the resumption:

The preliminary phase.

Apprehension of your project Global analysis of your project Assistance to the choice of the target company Definition of the area of our mission
=> Our global vision allows you to direct and to validate your approach.

The active phase.

Assistance to the formalization of the commitments (contract of confidentiality in particular) Study of the solutions of financing of the acquisition and their fiscal incidences Realization of the audit of acquisition (accounting, social, legal) to make sure of the relevance of the made choice Participation in the elaboration of the acts of acquisition
=> We insure you of the quality of the target company with the appropriate legal security.

The comment-resumption phase.

Implementation if necessary of your new administrative and accounting organization Definition and implementation of the management tools adapted (dashboards, periodic situations, adjustment of your forecasts, …) Follow-up and validation of clauses stipulated in the purchase contract
=> We accompany you in the management of this new company